Tuesday, 10 March 2009

On vacation

Sorry I haven't updated my blog. I am on a vacation at Paula and Daniel's. I really really really like it here and I get to play with the cutest girls ever: Hailey and April. Life is good!

Tuesday, 3 March 2009


My people, Sandra and Mathias, think of themselves as really clever sometimes. But many are the times they think they have figured me out and then stands there with questionmarks in their faces when I refuse to go through the tunnel or jump on the rock, even though I've done it hundred of times.

Now, it isn't that I suddenly don't know HOW to do it, I just can't see the point with it. Yes, I learnt to go through the tunnel or jump over a hinder, but WHY should I do it. They better offer me something really really good in return. They are beginning to understand that, but they have quite a time left until they fully get me. Heehee... mystery dog, that's me!

Pearl is back on track

Sandras car is perfectly fine again. It was something that was wrong with the engine but the engineer changed a few things and voila, it is alive!

When we were on a walk earlier we did an excercise called: "Look at me when I call you" Everytime I looked at Sandra she rewarded me and since I'm such a clever dog I soon looked at her almost all the time. I could see the excitement in her eyes. she was really really pleased. But when we got close to home there were to many things to keep track of so I forgot the excercise. Sandra didn't seem to mind though. Now it is time for dinner.

Sunday, 1 March 2009

Pearl is out of order

Pearl is the name of Sandras precious Volvo from 89. Today, on her way home from work in Södertälje, Pearl suddenly began to behave strangely. The lights went pale and speed was decreased. When they were about 3 miles from home Pearl died. Fortunately Sandra managed to roll to the side of the highway and luckily the Warninglights was still in function. Mathias father was kind enough to go get them home. Well, even though it is sad that Pearl is out of order, I am glad Sandra is alright and home safe.

Ps. Attempts to revive Pearl are going to be made tomorrow. I am holding my paws!

Dogwatcher Sara

Mathias went to Gävle with his friends yesterday and Sandra had to work, so they left me for eight hours by myself... naaaaa, just kidding. They would never ever do that. Sandra arranged for me to be watched by her good friend Sara, despite this, Sandra was sick of worrying and called every 30 minutes. She didn't have to worry at all! Sara is great and I liked her immediatly.

First I slept about one hour since I was tired after the agilitytraining, and then we played for a while. She has the same dogphilosophy as Sandra and Mathias so everything went smoothly. She also took me for this long long walk which was nice. During this time Sandra had called and was deadsick of worrying since Sara didn't bring her cellphone out on the walk. Haha, Sandra need to relax, and Mathias as well. I heard he called Sandra a couple of times as well to check how it was going. I am a big dog and can take care of myself, but it's always nice to have company!

Vingåker, a nice town

I'm sorry I haven't written anything in my blog lately but I have been busy. As I told you in the previous entry me and Sandra went to Vingåker this thursday. When we arrived Sandras mother and and old golden retriever lady joined us for a walk to the local kennelclub. I got to follow inside which was very exciting.

When we got back home I first explored the whole apartment, looking for hidden treasures and dangers. I found none. Apparently Sandra had told her mother to put away all the toys so that me and Nanna wouldn't fight over it. After my exploringtour I tried to play with Nanna, but she didn't want to. She growled something about me being to severe so I went to my cage to sulk a while.

The reason me and Sandra went to Vingåker was so she could help her mother as a teacher on the friday. When she left that morning Sandra was very anxious about leaving me and Nanna alone. She had put up a fence in the livingroom (yes, the kind of fence I love to throw away, I tell you, I'm just to clever for these people) so that me and Nanna couldn't play when she was away. Since Sandra was that nervous about me, breaking out, I decided to leave the fence alone and behave like the marvelous dog I am. Even though it was boring without Sandra it was really worth it when she awarded me with a big smile and hugs and kisses when she came back from work.

Thursday, 26 February 2009

Rumour has it...

...that I am going with Sandra to Vingåker today. She is going to visit her mother, brother and old dog Nanna. Sandras mother has arranged so that we can stay over night. Of course I'm going to miss Mathias but we had a really nice moment in bed this morning when I woke him up, he played with me and I enjoyed it very much, so I think I can live of that until tomorrow. Video will come soon.

Monday, 23 February 2009

Visit to Eskilstuna

Sandra had made plans with her friend Linda to meet today. Since both Mathias and Sandra thinks it's good that I see new places and meet new people she decided to bring me as well.

Linda really fancied me and sat down many times on the floor with me. She said I had a wonderful temperament and a lovely way of being. Of course she thought I looked good, but almost everyone thinks that so... ;-)

When we were going out for a walk we visited a petstore. They had lots of lovely collars and leashes. Sandra talked about pimping me with glitter and stones but Linda kept her on the ground saying Mathias probably wouldn't like that. But we did find a nice collar with chinese dragons in gold on a black leather collar with padding. We will discuss it with Mathias and maybe I will get that before Malmö.

In the petstore was a girl working, who had a mother who wanted a Shiba Inu. She was very impressed by me since she thought Shiba Inus was a bit reserved and arrogant. Sandra told her about our good friend Paula and her kennel and as far as I know she was going to tell her mother to contact Paula when the time was right. It would be cool with a Aangenaam dog in Eskilstuna.

Sunday, 22 February 2009

Pressies for ME

When Sandra got home from work today she had bought presents for me!
The football is new for today, and the yellow thingy is from Japan, that's my favouritetoy. Mathias calls it a pineapple, I think it looks more like a tire

And a new bed, just as promised!

This is a video of me in the tunnel. Sandra says I'm really good at this.


Yesterday I got a little present aswell. Since I decided to stay in my room while Mathias family was here (because of all the noisy children and many adults) they decided to give me a bone. I liked it very much and carried it with me for the whole evening. I discovered something when I was laying there on the carpet chewing on my bone; Sandra and Mathias wasn't going to take the bone away from me. I wasn't sure before but now I feel they can walk very close to me or even take it, I know I will get it back.

All together; I really like it here and I feel I can really trust Sandra and Mathias for doing the right thing at any given time.